Scholarship Awards

From 2011 onwards Free Press Journal (FPJ) has instituted a scholarship for 1st year MBA / PGDM students who intend specializing in Finance in their second year. HEF is the implementing agency for this scholarship. Need and past academic records are the criteria for selection. For the first year Rs 2.00 lacs was dedicated by FPJ for this purpose. The application forms are sought from the candidates directly or through their institutional heads sometimes in the month of July-August when the classes for the 1st year would have begun. The scholarships are given during the National Education Day celebrated by HEF.

From the year onwards FPJ has also instituted another scholarship of Rs 1.00 lac for Law Students (2 on merit based & 3 on need based). HEF is also the implementation agency for this scholarship.

For further details in this regard, the candidates or institutional heads may get in touch with Dr A K Sen Gupta at his e-mail id

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