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Higher Education Forum (HEF) is actively involved in policy and applied research in various areas of higher education: general, professional and technical. This is the first private sector initiative that is exclusively devoted to this sector. The research areas include issues pertaining to status of higher education in India including internal management, governance, quality, innovation, access, regulation, other policy issues, industry-academia relationship, among others. The forum encourages research from members and others interested in higher education.

The forum hereby invites proposals from interested people for taking up research on any issue related to higher education in India.

The forum will provide academic support and the organizational banner under which the research can be undertaken. Findings of the research will also be uploaded on the website.

Interested people are requested to get in touch with the Dr A K Sen Gupta, Convener, Higher Education Forum (HEF) at

The forum has a bi-annual journal known as Indian Journal of Higher Education with ISSN No. 0976 - 1314. The forum's editorial board invites contribution for the same.

Published Indian Journal of Higher Education:
  • Volume I - Issue I (Sept'09 to Feb'10)
  • Volume I - Issue II (Apr'10 to Sept'10)

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