1. To promote debate & discussion on issues of concern in higher education at various levels and actively participate in their consultative mechanisms as an advocacy group.
  2. To create new thoughts & paradigms in areas relating to higher education including policy, regulation, strategic & operational and thereby, help in developing an appropriate higher education framework.
  3. To facilitate creation, development and evolution of higher educational institutions of global excellence by providing all types of support including faculty development, facilitating other developmental initiatives, creation of synergy between institutions & other stakeholders, addressing quality & credential issues, among others.
  4. To help develop a higher educational system that specifically aligns with employability needs of corporate & other sectors.
  5. To promote research & publication on contemporary & relevant issues of higher education.
  6. To specifically analyze, assess and appraise WTO & GATS agreements and their implications on development of higher education services in India and to make the Indian institutions prepared for the same.
  7. To be an independent voice of the higher education community in India; be informed about the global efforts across nations for higher education; be a part of reform dialogues and contribute as part of WTO rounds relating to Indian higher education issues in consultation with members of civil society.
  8. To engage in collaborative agreements with similar forums / institutions / organizations in other parts of the world and promote "excellence in global higher education".
  9. To undertake and carry out any other activity ancillary and directly or indirectly related to the above, which the forum may like to engage in from time to time in alignment with its broad vision.

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