Dear all

We are happy to announce academic tie-up between the Higher Education Forum (HEF) & Free Press Journal (FPJ). Under this a column of 800-1000 words in the paper would be allocated to the (HEF) on alternative weeks. This column will be known as "Voice of Higher Education Forum (HEF): towards a Better India". The article will figure in the educational column in the Monday Edition of FPJ.

This will be an exclusive column to be authored by the members of HEF and the articles can be on any of the following and related areas:

  1. Education
  2. Related issues concerning development
  3. Issues of social sensitivity / concern

All such articles should be sent to the undersigned ( After necessary editing, the article will be sent to the paper for publication in the frequency mentioned above. Along with the article the author should also mention his / her current position. The final editorial decision to publish the article, however, remains with FPJ.

This understanding comes into effect w.e.f 15th April, 2010.

We request the members to contribute articles for the above column.


A K Sen Gupta
Higher Education Forum

Published articles written by HEF members in Free Press Journal
19th Apr 10Dr Ganesh NatarajanInnovative methods to create employable work force
3rd May 10Dr A K Sen GuptaRight to Education Act
17th May 10Dr R GopalAcademia industry partnership
31st May 10Prof R S S ManiStarting a meaningful corporate journey (by young MBAs)
14th Jun 10Prof S N JoganandStrengthening of basic science
28th Jun 10Mr. A S GuhaChallenges for vocational courses
12th Jul 10Dr Vidya HattangadiCollaborative Higher Education
26th Jul 10Dr Vidya HattangadiMaking Learning Curriculum Effective
9th Aug 10Prof Parag AminEmployability and Higher Education
23rd Aug 10Dr A K Sen GuptaRole of Teachers in a Knowledge Society
6th Sep 10Dr Vidya HattangadiPrioritizing the research setting
20th Sep 10Ms Pallavi JankiramanUsing Technology to Bridge Skills-Education Gap
11th Oct 10Dr Pradip ManjrekarAllowing For-Profit Institutions in Education
25th Oct 10Prof Vikram ParekhGross Enrolment Ratio in Higher Education
8th Nov 10Mr Sandeep BhanotGlobal Downturn and its Impact on Higher Education Landscape
22nd Nov 10Dr Bishnupriya ChakravartySkill Training Job Market Linked
6th Dec 10Prof Lakshmi MohanCharismatic Leadership in Educational Institutions
20th Dec 10Prof Nishi KaulDeveloping Socially Responsible Corporate Citizens in Business School

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